Corp.ID. no. NO 976 846 923 VAT
(last amended on 24 February 2017)


The name of the company is IDEX ASA and it is a public limited company.

§ 2

The objective of the company is to deliver computer-based identification systems and other related activities.

§ 3

The business offices are in the Bærum municipality, Norway.

§ 4

The company’s shares shall be registered in the Norwegian Registry of Securities.

§ 5

The share capital is NOK 81,036,413.25 divided into 540,242,755 shares  each with a nominal value of NOK 0.15 per share and issued in name.

§ 6

The board of the company consists of from 3 to 7 members.

§ 7

The ordinary general meeting shall consider and resolve:

– Determination of the profit and loss account and balance sheet
– Appropriation of (net) profit or covering of losses
– Election of board and determination of board remuneration
– Election of chairman and members of the nomination committee, and determination of remuneration to the members of the nomination committee
– Election of auditor and determination of auditor’s remuneration
– Other matters which are governed by law
– Other matters which are mentioned in the notice of the meeting

§ 8
a. IDEX shall have a nomination committee.
The nomination committee shall have three members, including a chairman.
Members of the nomination committee shall be elected by the Annual General Meeting for a term of two years.

b. The nomination committee shall:
– Propose candidates for election to the Board of Directors
– Propose the remuneration to be paid to the Board members
– Propose candidates for election to the nomination committee
– Propose the remuneration to be paid to the nomination committee members

c. The guidelines for the nomination committee shall be resolved by the general meeting.

§ 9

Documents which timely have been made available on the Internet site of the company and which deal with matters that are to be considered at the general meeting need not be sent to the company’s shareholders.

§ 10

As a general rule, the company’s general meetings shall be conducted in Norwegian. The general meeting may however resolve by a simple majority vote that English shall be used.

§ 11

A shareholder who wishes to attend the general meeting, in person or by proxy, shall notify his/her attendance to the company no later than 2 days prior to the general meeting. If the shareholder does not notify the company of his/her attendance in a timely manner, the company may deny him/her access to the general meeting.