The smartcard market is a huge and diverse opportunity attracting industry interest. IDEX is an early mover in the market for smartcards with its unique off-chip technology and end-to-end solution developed in collaboration with its top tier partners. The market verticals in the smartcard market includes banking, financial inclusion initiatives, ID and access cards and other smartcards.

IDEX is at an advanced stage towards commercial adoption on its global flagship programme.

In November 2016, Safran Identity & Security and IDEX announced that the two companies were partnering to commercialise the world’s first ISO standard form factor smartcard with a touch fingerprint sensor. The companies have been working in close collaboration with a major global payment partner on a strategic programme to launch a mass-deployable biometric smartcard.

The first of several end-customer trials in this programme commenced in the first quarter of 2017 and multiple customers are planning to participate in dedicated trials over the coming months for banking and financial inclusion initiatives. These customer-level trials follow successful trials completed internally by IDEX’s undisclosed global payments partner and are one of the final steps in the commercialisation process. After completion of the trials, and subsequent analysis, the card is expected to complete the formal certification process prior to being made available for commercial production in the second half of 2017.

Together with card ecosystem partners, IDEX has actively been working on a strategic programme to launch a mass deployable biometric smartcard. This collaboration has resulted in an end-to-end solution that is secure and commercially deployable for use with existing payment and enrolment infrastructure. More specifically, the solution has proven compatibility with existing point of sales terminals.It contains a certified on-card matcher, and has been designed into a mass enrolment system.

The solution leverages IDEX’s capacitive touch fingerprint sensor in a standard thickness card that is compliant with ISO bending tests. The card sensor is compatible with standard low-cost card manufacturing processes, and has the lowest price point of any similar biometric sensor solution.

Planned launch of flexible contactless card sensor in the second quarter 2017

In parallel with the ongoing smartcard programme IDEX expects to launch an industry leading touch sensor for contactless cards during the second quarter of 2017. The solution has specifically been designed to function without an extra battery or supercapacitor, while still delivering excellent quick-match accuracy and performance. The contactless card sensor is enabled by the company’s new generation ASIC, which significantly lowers the power consumption. Additionally, the ASIC’s increased processing power using an on-board MCU and lower cost point combine to create an ideal sensor for contactless cards. Once introduced, the solution is anticipated to further increase IDEX’s leadership position in both the payment and ID card markets.